The Quiet Resistance



“There are times that you want to speak your mind and be brutally honest. That’s the quiet resistance within you,” says guitarist HJ of Nemesea, referring to the title of the bands third studio album. The Dutch female fronted band, famous for combining rock with electro, have fine-tuned this musical combination to perfection on their third album while the guitars and Manda Ophuis' outstanding vocals continue to be the driving force behind Nemesea. With extremely appealing songs like "Afterlife", "Caught in the Middle", or the beautiful ballad "If You Could", the alternative rock trio have several surefire hits from the get-go. The album offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of gothic and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves. The Quiet Resistance is a gem that reveals its many-splendored colors more and more each time you press play.


Manda Ophuis / Vocals
HJ / Guitars
Sonny Onderwater / Bass


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